GOD is Bigger than Cancer
Podcast Episode #003 Show Notes

I’m Barry Morgan and just four months ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV, metastasized pancreatic cancer. At that time my prognosis was terminal.

Thank you for listening and for joining my wife, Lynne and me as we share, via this podcast and website, our valley of the shadow of pancreatic cancer death journey. We are so blessed to know that we are not alone on this journey and that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is walking with us every step of this undeniably difficult and painful journey. That is the reason we can say with full assurance: GOD is Bigger than cancer!

In response to so many of your warm emails, in this episode we invite our listening community to travel back with Lynne and me to November 18th 2011, the day of my diagnosis of Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

At that “exact moment” when the dreaded, bunker busting “C” bomb, the deadly, life destroying “C” cancer word bomb was dropped heavy on my unsuspecting world. What are your very first thoughts, what do you feel? What emotions or fear immediately swell up within you at such a tragic moment? Is it devastating shock or do you just go numb all over?

Do you cry uncontrollably? Do the Why God or How Could You God questions start to flood your mind and emotions at exactly that moment? Well, I know from talking with other cancer fighters and survivors and from books I’ve read and from reading on the web, I know that these thoughts and emotions and a whole range of other difficult and devastating thoughts and emotions impact us all.

In this episode I share with our listeners my own “exact moment”, my own horrific “C“ word cancer bomb moment, but more significant, revealing and life transforming, I reveal and share in detail my “time stood still”, “put on pause” supernatural Encounter of the Divine Kind, that enveloped me the whole time, in a supernatural phenomena, while I was lying on my hospital bed, at my “exact moment”.

Listen in and learn why for me, the Peace of God is no longer just a biblical concept or doctrine for me, but now the Peace of God is a supernatural transcending reality in my everyday life. Cancer patients should especially grab onto this truth, but whether you are battling cancer or not, this divine reality is available to all Christians, and you only have to look within you in prayer, to start experiencing this powerful, life transforming and healing Peace of God in your life that truly transcends all human understanding (Philippians 4:7).

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Thank you so much for joining Lynne and me. We want to be here for you. And we would love to hear from you. Until next time may we encourage you to:

Love Big! Pray Big!…and Trust Big!… Because God is Bigger than cancer!

And in Christ Jesus, you are too!

God Bless

In a cold and dreary chemo room it sure helps to be wrapped in the warmth of family love

Our daughter Kelly and her husband Scott mailed me this thoughtful and warm love gift Snuggie, for my 5 hour long treatments in the cold chemo room. This is a special Snuggie in many ways.

Kelly and Scott are alumni of USF, the University of South Florida in Tampa. This Snuggie bears the USF logo as you can see. My doctor’s chemo center is in Chattanooga, TN, right on the border of Tennessee and Georgia. Of course the chemo room is loaded with people wearing UT Volunteers and GA Bull Dogs caps, jackets and blankets. I am the only one of all my new friends and fellow cancer fighters at this large chemo center that is wearing a USF football team sports fan gear. This helps to make me a proud Dad indeed! Go Bulls!

Also, get this, there are some other plain Snuggies at my chemo center but mine is the only Snuggie with sleeves. How cool and functional is that! If you can picture this, I just gave the famous Tiger Woods, double fist pump! Thank you Kel and Scott, I love you guys.

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GOD is Bigger than Cancer
Podcast Episode #002 Show Notes

WARNING!!! If you get a little skittish or uncomfortable with explicit and detailed medical information then you may not want to listen to this episode. Because, in this episode I transparently list and explicitly elaborate (uncomfortably for me and I suspect for some of our listeners too), on what I believe to be my personal symptoms leading to my diagnosis of Stage IV metastasized pancreatic cancer.

We emphasize here, in these Show Notes again, as we assured our cancer fighting listening community in this episode, that by sharing this information we in no way want to create or instill fear in anyone. It is not our intent to create fear or suggest in any way that if you have one or more of my symptoms that we share in this episode, that you may have pancreatic cancer or any other specific disease or ailment. We are not medical doctors or medical providers and our only suggestion is that you always seek competent medical assistance and that you always do it sooner and not later.

However, if as Lynne and I discuss in this 2nd episode of GOD Is Bigger than Cancer, that if my transparently sharing my personal medical history and symptoms helps a single person be detected with pancreatic cancer at an earlier life saving stage and therefore saves lives or helps to prevent any fear, pain and suffering from later stage pancreatic cancer. And/Or, if what I share helps a physician to be more informed and better alerted to what might be a possible symptom to consider for a proper diagnosis between pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer or any other illness. And if what I detailed in this episode gives even the slightest spark or clue for a research scientist for developing a crucially needed early screening test or more effective treatment regimes and therapies or even a complete cure for pancreatic cancers!

Then, as I sincerely stated to our listeners, if what I uncomfortably shared helps in any of the even most miniscule way to lead to a pre-pancreatic cancer screening or early detection test or a cure and complete victory to defeat pancreatic cancers, to be so honored that my life, suffering and yes dying could be used in service to others this way, then to me, what I am facing and what I am enduring with pancreatic cancer will have added real, measurable positive value and positive meaning to the gift of life the Lord has granted me here on earth for these 65 years.

Also, in this episode we include an informative sound clip by Dr. Ephraim S. Casper, MD
Head, Division of Network Medicine Services, Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
Center. These excerpted comments by Dr. Casper on the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer are from an April 2011 telephone call-in workshop sponsored and conducted by the great and dedicated folks at CancerCare.

Ephraim S. Casper, MD, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Caution!!! The following is a list of Barry L. Morgan’s personal symptoms and should not necessarily be considered individually or collectively as a specific list of symptoms for pancreatic cancer:

1. Bloating & gas
2. Chronic fatigue
3. Mental cloudiness & trouble concentrating
4. Low testosterone
5. Steatorrhea
6. Weight loss

We concluded this episode by encouraging others who have recently been diagnosed with pancreatic or other life threatening cancers, that it is important not to become over stressed with urgency, because there is certainly a whole slew of new and additional stresses that will accompany the diagnosis and battle with cancer, but every day truly does matter, and definitely more so for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

The sooner you start to fight hard the better your chances to win the battle and be to be victorious. So one of our very first decisions, and we hope it is a priority decision for every person, young or old, who have been diagnosed with life threatening cancers, is to not give up, to be determined to live, to develop and strengthen your will to live. All the cancer experts agree that your will to live is your greatest healing mechanism.

Next it is important to learn how to start fighting in the most appropriate and efficient way possible, as soon as possible!

For those other determined people of faith who have decided to fight the good fight of faith, (1 Tim 6:12), by joining in and participating with God by being strong in the Lord and in his mighty power and by putting on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes (Ephesians 6:10). You too can be equipped to be God’s frontline commander and take charge leader, to aggressively engage to fight the battle of your life, with strong trust and unwavering reliance and hope, in the healing power of the great Physician, the Lord Jesus Christ.

God is still very active in the miracle business today and don’t let anyone persuade you of something that cannot be found in the Bible, that for some unknown reason God has stopped doing miracles two thousand years ago. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).
God performed what mankind has called miracles in biblical times, and the record is clear, He has continued since then and is still performing them today and God will continue to perform healing and many other kinds of miracles, as long as man remains on the earth.

Miracles are not any heavy lifting for El Shaddai, Almighty God, the sovereign God of the universe. Miracles are not supernatural for God, miracles for God are merely the out flowing of God’s divine love, grace and compassion for mankind as long as we have to endure the conditions of this fallen world here on this planet.

Don’t buy in to that falsehood of what might be well intended but false comments from doubters, people of little or no faith, that God is “Out of Business” and no longer in the healing miracle business in this age. The evidence is so abundantly contrary to that falsehood on a global scale. And we plan to detail and bring to you some of the miraculous stories and the people of those healing miracles in future episodes. Because a major part of our mission at the God is Bigger than Cancer podcast ministry is to help you to be better equipped for you to be victorious and defeat and annihilate cancer from your life, holistically, spiritually, in your mind and in your body.

And, then you too can be a living strong witness with your testimony of hope, in service to God and other cancer fighters as you share your victory story. Let’s take charge and be strong in the Lord and write the script for our own victory story and my victory story and hopefully for the victory stories of tens of thousands of other faithful, cancer fighters.

Let’s make it our aim as we write our own victory stories so that we can have as part of our testimony what the apostle Paul had for his victory testimony when in 2Timothy 4:7 the apostle Paul was able to testify and declare:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

We thank you for listening and for the precious people who listened to this podcast and are battling cancer like I am, let us assure you that Jesus loves you, and so do we, and please know that Lynne and I are standing with you in strong belief as you continue to trust in the healing power of God and as you continue in believing to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13).

I closed the episode as I do here with these words of truth and encouragement:
Love Big! Pray Big! and Trust Big because God is Bigger than cancer! And in Christ Jesus, you are too.

We want to offer our thanks and acknowledgement to our sponsor the Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft, for partnering with us to help us to bring this podcast to our cancer fighting listening community.

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